Out of the Ordinary Photography is based in Bonduel Wisconsin,. I do ON SITE shoots only
as i am currently moving my studio to the area
, I specialize in making your shoot as much of
an individual as you are! If you have ideas or shots that you like, collect them and present
them to me so I have an idea of anything special you might want.

Sitting fees, within a 30 mile radius of B
onduel, WI, are $75.00, and include a free 8 x 10, as well as
submission of your year book photo/s. . Fees must be paid 5 days prior to your scheduled session.
One half of your sitting fee will be refunded if you cancel, for any reas
on, and do not reschedule.
Please be considerate of others when rescheduling for reasons other than those that are weather
related. If we cannot do your shoot because of inclement wea
ther, we will reschedule as soon as it is
possible for both parties.

Engagement Photos
Sitting fees for E sessions are $7
5.00 and include electronic submission of your photo to two
newspapers and a free 8x10 with your order


Please contact me before your sitting and let me know what ideas you have. It will be up to you to
plan ahead and scope out awesome areas for the shoot. Some suggestions are: rock formations,
old barns, interesting buildings, water sites such as rivers or lakes, large meadows, places around
your farm or home. Something as simple as your porch deck railings  can be pretty cool. Think
about what places like this are available before I get there and have a plan. It will be your
responsibility to get the appropriate PERMISSION if you want to shoot on private property.


I enjoy including your pets and/or other animals in your shots. If you are going to have an animal in
SESSION. This means: clipped, brushed, bathed, etc. Bridles are preferred over halters on horses
because they do not cut the lines of the face and look better overall. PLEASE have someone
available to be an assistant if you want to include a pet or animal.


Select at least one dark blue, black or white shirt for your black and white photos.

Prom dresses can be FUN in the great outdoors.

I do not at this time limit your clothing changes; however, we need to work in the best possible
natural light, so if you have a wide variety, you should be prepared to hustle and have your
selections prioritized.


Get a good night's sleep the day before your shoot. Tired people do not photograph well, and there
is only so much I can fix post-shoot.

DO NOT do anything radical to your hair in the week prior to your shoot. This is not the time to try a
new hair style, dye, or perm your hair.

DO NOT get a sunburn the week prior to the shoot.

Girls: make sure your fingernails and toenails are clean and trimmed. Make sure nail polish, if you
use any, is fresh and chip-free. Bring clear lip gloss in addition to lipstick, if you are using any.

Boys: SHAVE, clean and trim your fingernails.

Plan on having a lot of fun with and during your shoot and BE YOURSELF!

See my contact page for more information on how to book your session now

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To BOOK your appointment you MUST call or email me to set up.
You may pay your sitting fee via check or paypal.  
Contact me for more information